After running a restaurant alongside our tour business for the last 9 years, we felt it was time to complete the guest experience with some rooms - Mahali Guesthouse was therefore born. The opportunity came when we were set to move from an upstairs location to a bangalore next door. This old property was complemented by private parking, garden space and a structure which offered a great canvas for the idea we had been naturing for a while.

Tucked away from the busy street noise and traffic, the artsy Coffee At Last welcomes guests with afrocentric designs as well as fresh coffee aroma and a great buzz of locals and foreigners dining and working at their gadgets most of the day. The food here has attracted great reviews over the years with the pizza and rolex (a Ugandan street food) the most popular. Also served are fresh salad, homemade soups, continental meals, wine and local beers. The staff are all Ugandan and have mostly been hired from the surrounding community, trained and equipped with the responsibility to represent a developing local base.

The guesthouse in this renovated building, is located in the back with a total of 5 comfortable rooms; 3 of the rooms are ensuite while the other 2 share a bathroom in the same space separated by a corridor. While so close to the restaurant, the rooms are relatively serene and allow for guests to enjoy a private and clean environment. Key to note, this setup of guesthouse and restaurant are close to Hospice Africa with whom we partner to support their great work.

Igufa Safaris Ltd offers the 1 night FREE for guests going on safari with them - take advantage of this offer and tailor your safari today :-).